We’re a team of everyday people helping everyday people.

We’re a team of everyday people helping everyday people.

About Everyday People Financial Corp.

Everyday People is a financial services company founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to affordable credit and the opportunity for homeownership. Through its technology driven ecosystem and specialty credit solutions, the company manages credit and prepaid card programs, homeownership facilitation and payment management services. The company’s mission is to help their clients be their best financial selves with credit products and services that help everyday people add value to their everyday lives.

EP is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta and has operations in Canada and the United Kingdom with each subsidiary organized to carry-out operations in their own respective countries. The combined entities result in a vertically integrated finance company poised to serve a broad spectrum of large-scale corporate clients as well as underbanked and underserved consumers across the globe.


Our Mission

At Everyday People Financial Corp. we are helping you become your best financial self.



Our Values

We value strong relationships and our values are derived from what we believe every human being deserves from a service provider and employer. Our values drive us to be our best, effectively communicate our principles, foster stronger relationships, and build a robust community of everyday people.


We are everyday people, and we help everyday people.


We communicate simply, speak truthfully, operate fairly and act genuinely.


We keep our word, deliver on our promises, and acknowledge our mistakes.


We are dedicated to making meaningful contributions to the communities and stakeholders we serve.


We trust and support one another and celebrate successes together.